Diary so far… 


We started the school council at the start of January. We didn’t have many people.

 • We had our first few meetings with Ben Green (chair) Mrs Appleton and Mr Pover. We discussed what we would be doing and taking part in over the corse of the year.

• Middle of January Mrs Appleton started asking other people to sign up. People came flooding in!


• Joel came in to give us some ideas on what to do with the money we have been given by the mighty creative’s team.

• We discussed getting in graphic design teams to get a web page going.


 • Loads of people wrote to us about their companies. We voted for Blue print.

• We were introduced to the blue print team: Abi and Chris.

• The Derbyshire police force came to talk to the whole council about how safe we feel in our local area.

• March 29th blue print came in. we started our projects e.g. Journalism, video, design and many more.


 • We continue to work on our projects. They are going very well. The design team have created a logo and hoodie design; the journalism team have learnt how to write a proper article and are well on our way to improving the school updates via the newsletter, website and local paper.

 More to come…


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