Anthony Gell School Council-Bigger and Better than ever!


At Anthony Gell School in Wirksworth, a new student council has recently been formed. After several issues, unapproachable by staff, were raised, teachers called out for student volunteers to listen to other pupils’ problems. Amongst the teachers asking for student help was Mrs. Appleton, founder of Your Say, the new council.

The student council was formed by Mrs. Appleton after various issues affecting the students were pointed out. Originally the council only gained a few members, but when one of these original members, Becky Scott, Y11 Your Say Vice Chairperson, held an assembly to encourage more people to attend, many more people responded. Now the council includes one sixth-former, five Y11s, three Y10s, seventeen Y9s, four Y8s and one Y7. This allows students from any year to talk to someone from their year – this makes the council more approachable to all. It can also provide a difference of opinions from all years.

We interviewed most of these council members, and when we asked what the aims of the council are, most of them agreed with Laurie Butler, Y9 Your Say Journalist, when he told us Your Say’s aims should be to “help people in school; to put their points forward”. Michelle Hutson, Y8 Your Say Designer, agreed, saying her aim is to “listen to people and to make school better for them.”

The issues Your Say are tackling include securing a new water fountain to improve the availability of water in summer, and to help Your Say to be more well-known throughout Anthony Gell – so that students with a problem or an issue they want to raise know who they can contact. “The future for Gell’s Your Say is, I hope, that it will be more well-known,” says Y7 Your Say Designer, Joe Bounds. Also, council members agreed that Your Say needs to be approachable by all students. Personally, I think that if Your Say achieves these aims then it will be a very effective, approachable student council.

Look out for the new Your Say posters, Your Say hoodies and the new website – coming soon!

Written by Emily Ball – Y9 Your Say Journalist.


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